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Hot off the press!

Bluegrass Baby a new poem in Panoply, A Literary Zine. Thank you Jeff Santosuosso, Ryn Holmes, and Andrea Jones Walker! Sep. 2021

Grandmother, Maestra in Turtle Island Quarterly. Thank you David Bogue! Aug. 2021

Joyride, a new poem in Naugatuck River Review. Thank you Lori Desrosiers! Summer/Fall 2021 [print]

Signs and Flatiron, 2084, new poems in FERAL: A Journal of Poetry & Art. Thank you Beth Gordon and Team! Aug. 2021

Beltane, 2021, new flash prose in Nixes Mate Review (page 5). Thanks Michael McInnis, Anne Elezabeth Pluto and Constellation Funkhauser! Aug. 2021