Publications, 2021


Rondel With Your Grandmother's Banjo Clock (p. 123) [print or download] (Winter 2021): The Orchards Poetry Journal 

Cold Moon, The Window’s Word, and Taylor Interns at the Planetarium in Aji Magazine: Issue 15, Winter 2021 [print or download] 

My Grandson Fights a Fire: Dodging the Rain

Sundown: Rat’s Ass Review [Winter 2021] 

Cleaning Out Mother’s House: Black Coffee Review

Rapture: The Broken City

Noah’s Wife: 3rd place winner in Poetry Superhighway's 2021 contest

At Yeats’s Grave: I-70 Review: Summer/Fall 2021 [print]

Bluegrass Baby: Panoply, A Literary Zine 

Scarborough Sail and Steel Derrick Quarry, October: inScribe: Journal of Creative Writing, August 2021 [print]

Grandmother, Maestra: Turtle Island Quarterly

Joyride: Naugatuck River Review: Summer/Fall 2021 [print]

Signs and Flatiron, 2084:  FERAL: A Journal of Poetry & Art 

Summer Messiah and Bicardi Limón: Madcap Review

The Hand-Me-Down-Jolly Jumper and Scarborough Sail: The Orchards Poetry Journal. (pp. 64 & 65): Summer 2021

The Blue Chair Laments: Sparks of Calliope

Ritual: Literary Mama

May Procession: Amethyst Review

Confessions: Snakeskin, August 2021

She Loved a Man: Snakeskin, April 2021

Manhattan “How To”: Snakeskin, March 2021


Halfway Down the Stairs, December 2021, Whiteoutnominated for a Pushcart Prize

Review Tales: December 2021, A Debut Author’s Book Launch Musings

The SUN Magazine, October 2021 [print]: Readers Write: Sisters

Nixes Mate Review, Summer 2021, Beltane, 2021

Brilliant Flash Fiction, Summer 2021 (second story down): Watermelon Days