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May/June 2022

Welcome! It's been a full spring with lots of events and readings, including one at the Bluebird Performance Venue in Georgetown, MA and another at Speak Up at Walnut Street Café in Lynn MA. Both are friendly, fun venues. I recommend checking them out!

Topping off the season's joy, an old friend hosted a book party where I saw many old and new friends in my "growing up" neighborhood. I read under a gorgeous lilac bush that abuts the yard of the house I grew up in! I could not be more appreciative for all this generosity, support, and love!

Also on a happy note, some new poems have been released into the world, and "Winter at a Summer House" has garnered a few more good reviews. Check out "What's New" for details.

Please email me if you want to receive my periodic communication about new work, events, great books, music and the like. And if you want to purchase "Winter," you can do that either here, on Bookshop.org (to support your local bookstore), or on Amazon! Happy Spring!