Publications, 2023


Japanese Maple, poem in Valparaiso Poetry Review

Lost in the Forest, You Offer Gratitude, poem in Orchards Poetry Journal, Winter 2023 [in print]

Contemplating Munch's Angst Woodcut as Another War Breaks Out in SWWIM

Dazzle and Ode to Queendom in The Lake

Barred Owl, poem in Mid-Atlantic Review, 2023 [in print] 

Winter at a Summer House in Verse-Virtual

Nollaig na Mban in Delmarva Review, Volume 16

Eclipse in Right Hand Pointing, Issue 153

Night Music in ONE ART: a journal of poetry

Saving the Day, in Molecule, a tiny lit mag issue 9, page 55

Bloody Mary Morning and Mother's Mary, two poems in Orchards Poetry Journal [Summer 2023, print]

Pinecone, in Ponder Review [Volume 7, Issue 1, Spring 2023, print]

After Making Love in Valparaiso Poetry Review

I Joined Twitter in Molecule, a tiny lit mag issue 8

Alligator in Verse Virtual

Flying, Falling in Bracken

Willow in Halfway Down the Stairs

To a Goddess in The Lake


Old Lady Sweeping Snow in Snakeskin (February 2023)

Soothsayer in Rat's Ass Review


Review of One Hundred Visions of War by Julien Vocance, translated by Alfred Nicol in Lightwood Magazine

Review of Mary K. O'Melveny's "Flight Patterns" in Lightwood Magazine

Review of Rachel Custer's "Flatback Sally Country" in New Pages

Review of B.J. Buckley's "In January, the Geese," Comstock Review Chapbook winner in Lightwood Magazine