Published poems, fiction, and creative non-fiction




Aji Magazine: Issue 15 Winter 2021 [print or download] Cold Moon, The Window’s Word, and Taylor Interns at the Planetarium

Amethyst Review: May Procession

Black Coffee Review: Cleaning Out Mother’s House

Blue Heron Review: A Thousand Miles from Dead Dog Beach

Blue Unicorn: A Journal of Poetry: Blue World, Spring 2020 [print]; Martha's Letter to Jesus, Fall 2019 [print] 

Bracken: Flying, Falling

Bourgeon Online: The Barred Owl, Shark, and Matriarch

Cider Press Review: How it Was

Crab Orchard Review: Destroying Angels

Dodging the Rain: My Grandson Fights a Fire

Eclectica Magazine: Working From Home During a Storm

FERAL: A Journal of Poetry & Art: Signs and Flatiron, 2084

Haunted Waters Press, SPLASH: Winter at a Summer House and Alligator

Halfway Down the Stairs: Willow, First Words

Hole in the Head Review: Elegy for the Boys of the B-24 Liberator, Beachcombers, and Nostalgia

inScribe: Journal of Creative Writing: Scarborough Sail and Steel Derrick Quarry, October, August 2021 [print]

I-70 Review: Summer/Fall 2022 [print]: First-Year French and Summer/Fall 2021 [print]: At Yeats’s Grave

Lighten Up Online: Brightview at Blueberry Hill

Lightwood Magazine: On Saint Martin

Literary Mama: Heirloom and Ritual

Madcap Review: Summer Messiah and Bicardi Limón

Mass Poetry Poem of the Moment: Winter at a Summer House

Mockingheart Review: Like Alice

Molecule, a tiny lit mag: I Joined Twitter

Muddy River Poetry Review: Nauset Light Beach, 2001, Before School With  Mother, and Truth Dare on the Bass River Bridge, Preparing the Ground for an Ice Rink and Geography 

Naugatuck River Review: Baking, Summer/Fall 2022 [print]; Joyride, Summer/Fall 2021 [print] ; On Bass River Road, Summer/Fall 2020 [print]

Nixes Mate Review: Scargo Tower in December

Panoply, A Literary Zine: Bluegrass Baby

Poetry Superhighway, 2021 Contest Winner (3rd place): Noah’s Wife; On Barefoot Beach and Blue

Rat’s Ass Review: Soothsayer [Spring/Summer 2023]; Sundown [Winter 2021]; Little Black Dress, Party at Collingwood, and Water Running From the Hose [Summer 2020]; You Win Some, You Lose Some and Mary, Mary [Winter 2020]The After Party, Cat and Mouse at the Broken Doll, and Girl From Nantucket [Winter 2019]

River Heron Review: First Born

Rockvale Review: Bath

Saint Katherine Review: The Girl Who Lives Next Door

San Pedro River Review: Magic Bus, 1980, Spring 2022 [print]

Sky Island Journal: Words

Slant: A Journal of Poetry: All Summer

Snakeskin Poetry Journal: Old Lady Sweeping Snow (February 2023); The Women in My Family (October 2022); Confessions (August 2021); She Loved a Man (April 2021); Manhattan “How To” (March 2021); Another Day on E Street and Sisterhood (August 2020)

Sparks of Calliope: The Blue Chair Laments

Startled by Joy, Gabriel’s Horn, New Poetry in Traditional Forms [print]: December Song and Honeymoon

SWWIM Every Day: Getting Ready for a Grandchild's Visit [available in print in "Winter at a Summer House"]and Miracle Whip

Tar River Poetry [print, Spring 2022, Vol. 61, Number 2]: After Hours with the Librarian's Son

The Aurorean [print, Fall/Winter 2018/2019]: Ahab’s Wife and An Old Man Sings

The Broken City: Rapture, Here on Earth

The Blue Nib: October

The Galway Review: Providence, An Old Man in His Chair, and Year-Round Beautiful and A Child’s Play and Swim Meet

The Gyroscope Review:  In a Cedar-Scented Drawer (p. 34) and Marconi Beach (p. 3)

The Lake: Salamander, First Love, To a Goddess

The Literary Nest: Put Out the Light

The Lyric  [print]: At Ninety

The MacGuffin, Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2022 [print]

The Orchards Poetry Journal: On New Year's Eve (p. 55) [Winter 2022]; Rondel With Your Grandmother's Banjo Clock (p. 123) [Winter 2021]; Scarborough Sail and The Hand-Me-Down Jolly Jumper (pp. 64-66) [Summer 2021]; The Red Maple in Spring (page 124) [Winter 2020]

The Road Not Taken: A Cry So Close to Song in The Road Not Taken and Dunmanway, 1914 (Editor’s Choice) and Before the Blizzard

The Wild World: Petition for a Blessing and On the Ride Back to Longview Farm

Thimble Literary Magazine: The Wedding Dance

Turtle Island Quarterly: Grandmother, Maestra, Ghost Apple

Valparaiso Poetry Review: Daughter, Flying

Verse-Virtual: Words and Manhattan “How To” and Alligator

Wickford Art and Poetry Exhibition Anthology, 2018 [print, available at Poets House Library]: We


Short Stories 


Brilliant Flash Fiction, Summer 2021 (second story down): Watermelon Days

Brilliant Flash Fiction, Summer 2019, (eighth story down): The Trumpet Player

Halfway Down the Stairs, December 2021, Whiteoutnominated for a Pushcart Prize

Madcap Review, Summer 2020, short story: The Firebug




Anthony Avina's Blog: January 2022: When a House is More Than a House

Literary Mama, May 2019: On Writing

Nixes Mate Review, Summer 2021, Beltane, 2021

Review Tales: December 2021, A Debut Author’s Book Launch Musings

Ruminate Magazine, Issue 50 [print]: Every Day Miracles

The SUN Magazine, October 2021 [print]: Readers Write: Sisters

Book Reviews

Lightwood Magazine, December 2022: Review of Alec Solomita’s poetry collection, Hard to Be a Hero

Lightwood Magazine, September 2022: Review of Tom Daley’s chapbook, Far Cry

The Inflectionist Review, August 2022: Review of Miriam O’Neal’s collection, The Half-Said Things